Present continuous: The woman is ironing her clothes.

Introduction to the present continuous

The present continuous, also called the present progressive, is used to talk about actions and events that are happening at the time of speaking (now/at this moment).

In the two tables below, you will find the most important things you need to know about the present continuous tense.

Present Continuous / ProgressiveSubject+am/is/are+ verb-ing– Now
– At this /the moment
– Look!
– Listen!
– happening at the time speaking
– Future arrangements and fixed plans


I am doing.I am not doing.Am I doing?
You / We/ They are doing.You / We / They are not doing.Are you/we/they doing?
He / She / It is doing.He / She / It is not doing.Is he/she/it doing?


Put the verbs between brackets in the present continuous ( affirmative, negative, and interrogative)

  1. He ( walk) to school now.
  2. I ( study) at the moment.
  3. I ( sleep).
  4. You ( play) badminton tonight.
  5. We ( watch) TV.
  6. She (work )in Spain.
  7. He ( wait) for the bus.
  8. They (read).
  9. We ( go) to the cinema tonight.
  10. You ( read) the newspaper.
  11. She (eat) chocolate.
  12. I ( live) in Paris.
  13. We ( study) French.
  14. They ( leave) now.
  15. They ( live) in London.
  16. He ( work) in a restaurant now.
  17. I ( meet) my father at four.
  18. She ( drink) tea now.
  19. She (play )the guitar.
  20. We ( cook).

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