I do: present simple

Introduction to the present simple

The present simple is a tense which is used to talk about present actions or events. Particularly, actions that we do repeatedly, regularly, several times, or those which we never do at all.

present simplesubject + verb(s)– habits
– repeated actions in the present time
– general actions
– future timetables or programs
– natural facts
– after verbs that can’t be put in the continuous tense
(e.g.like‚love‚ believe …etc)
– with conditional type 1
– every+time expression
(i.e.day ‚week‚ month…etc
– sometimes
– always
– often
– usually
– seldom
– never
– rarely
– occasionally
– on+a day of the  week


I/you/we/they do/work/study/ finish.I/you/we/they don’t (= do not) do/work/study/ finish.Do I/you/we/they do/ work/study/ finish?
he/she/it does/works/ studies/ finishes.he/she/it doesn’t (= does not) do/work/study/ finish.Does he/she/it do/ work/study/ finish?


Put the verbs between brackets in the present simple (affirmative, negative, and interrogative forms)

  1. I( play) tennis.                                                                 
  2. The party (start) at 8 o’clock.
  3. The train (leave) every morning at 8 AM.                      
  4. She (speak) four languages.
  5. She always (forget) her purse.                                        
  6. Jane is a teacher. She  (teach) French.
  7. Every twelve months, the Earth (circle) the Sun.           
  8. I always (close) the window at night because it is very cold.                                                                                        
  9. The Earth (turn) around the Sun.                                                                                      
  10. Cats (like) milk.                                                               
  11. Those shoes (cost)too much.                                                            
  12. Birds ( like) grains.                                                          
  13. His job is great because he  (meet a lot of people.                                                    
  14. Pigs (prefer) meat.                                                        
  15. California (exist) in America.                                             
  16. My watch is broken and it (need) to be fixed again.
  17. London and Liverpool (exist) in the United Kingdom.           
  18. They (make) windows from glass.                                            
  19. I (go)to the cinema at least once a week.
  20. They (make) doors from wood.                                               
  21. We both (listen) to the radio in the morning.
  22. They (visit) New York every year.
  23. The train (get) to the station at 6 PM.
  24. The bus (arrive) at 11 AM.


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