Introduction To Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a collection of related sentences that discuss a single topic. It is an essential unit of writing that helps organize and present ideas in a coherent manner. It is defined as an independent unit. I e, it is made of a group of sentences (sometimes it is made of one sentence) that discuss and develop one single idea. In this article, we will explore paragraph writing, particularly the types of paragraphs, their structure, and how to write them.

How to write a paragraph

Types Of Paragraphs

There are different types of paragraphs:


The descriptive paragraph describes a person or a thing and shows what he/she is like. The words and expressions used in it talk about form, smell, length, height, color, function, taste …etc.


A narrative paragraph tells a story with a sequence of actions. It should tell the beginning, the middle, and the end.


in the argumentative paragraph, the writer tries to convince the reader by supporting his ideas and providing sufficient arguments.


This type of paragraph gives instructions on how to do something and the different steps to go through to achieve a certain objective.

Structure Of A Paragraph

Three main elements make up a paragraph: A topic sentence, supporting ideas, and a concluding sentence.

Topic sentence

The topic sentence is the main idea or the central point of the paragraph. It introduces the topic and sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph. Most often, it appears at the beginning of the paragraph.

Supporting details

They appear in the middle and explain the main idea presented previously in the topic sentence. They are sentences or phrases that provide evidence through examples, statistics, arguments, comparisons, …… etc., or explanations to support the main idea stated in the topic sentence. These details help develop and expand upon the topic sentence. This is the essential part of the paragraph where the writer aims at attaining one of his objectives.

Concluding sentence

The concluding sentence is the final sentence of the paragraph. It summarizes the main points discussed in the paragraph and provides closure to the topic. Also, the concluding sentence may provide a transition to the next paragraph if applicable. It appears at the end of the paragraph and indicates to the reader that developing the main idea has finished.

How To Write A Paragraph

Paragraphs constitute distinct blocks of a text and a good text depends on how well-written these paragraphs are. While writing a paragraph, the writer should stick to the constituents stated above. He should also be clear about his ideas, elaborate them in an easy-to-understand language, and use convenient conjunctions and linkers without forgetting correct punctuation and capitalization. Plus, the sentences making this paragraph should be cohesively related.

Conclusion Of Paragraph Writing

It is important to note that the structure and organization of a paragraph may vary depending on the writing style, purpose, and context. However, the components mentioned above are commonly found in well-structured paragraphs.

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