People are practicing riding as their leisure activity.

Below, there is a list of vocabulary items that exist in the unit about leisure activities, Visa To English, (“Tronc Commun” textbook).

1. AbbreviationShortened form of words/phrasesU.N is the abbreviation for the United Nationsالاختصار
2.AccompanimentSomething that accompaniesThe drum is a super accompaniment to the guitar.مصاحبة/ مساير
3. ActuallyIn fact/in realityActually, he was upset.في الحقيقة/الواق
4 . AttractFascinate/exciteHe was attracted by his smile.جذب
5. BangBoom /Noise of a strike.The door slammed with a gang.خبط/دوي
6. BearTolerate/supportI can’t bear the cost alone.طاق/تحمل
7. BoomStrong noise/rapid prosperityThere is an unprecedented boom in sales.ازدهار/دوي
8. CherryType of fruitShe likes cherries very much.حب الملوك
9. ChessA board gameGasparove is a world chess champion.الشطرنج
10. Comics Comic magazines/pictures…Do you the comics?رسوم/مجلات هزلية..
11. Consist (of)Be composed/made ofThe movie consists of three episodesيتكون/يتآلف من
12. CouchLong chairThe church contains tens of couches.أريكة/كرسي
13. DisappointFrustrate/fail to meet the hopesThe results were disappointing.أحبط/جيب الامل
14. Duet Song/musical piece for two voicesEverybody wanted to participate in the duet.لحن ثنائي
15. Eager toStrongly desiringThey were eager to hear the news.متلهف/متعطش
16. EmbarrassDistress/put somebody to shame The presence of her father embarrassed her.يحرج/يخجل
17. EmotionFeeling/sentimentHis responses were based on emotions.عاطفة/احساس
18. EvidenceProof/argumentThe court accepted the evidence.دليل/برهان
19. ExhaustOvertire/wearyThe effort exhausted him.ينهك/يضني
20. FamiliarCommon/ordinaryShe is familiar with the subject.مالوف/معهود
21. Fascinate Attract/excite He was fascinated by the performance.جذب
22. GardeningWork/tending of gardensHe likes gardening very much.البستنة
23. Gender sexGender is taken into account in offering jobs.جنس
24. GuestVisitor/inviteeToo many guests came to the party.ضيف
25. HideConceal/keep out sightHe hid the money.أخفى/خبأ
26. IndoorInside/InteriorThe activity is practiced indoors.داخلي
27. InspectCheck/examine/look overThe police inspected all the luggage.فحص/فتش
28. IntellectualEducated/scholarIntellectuals are often invited by TV channelsمفكر/مثقف
29. IntentionAim/purpose/objectiveHe, without intention, made me upset.قصد/نية
30. InviteRequest/call inThey invited us to Sunday lunch.دعا/طلب
31. IsolatedCut-off/lonesomeHe lived a very isolated existence.منعزل/منزو
32. JoggingFooting/quick walkingJogging is her favorite sport.المشي السريع /الهرولة
33. Keen onEnthusiastic/excited aboutShe is keen on cookingمهتم ب/مولع ب
34. Misbehave Behave badly/misconductHe misbehaved in the presence of the judge.اساء التصرف
35. MotivateStimulate/inspireIt’s the teacher’s job to motivate students.حرك/دفع
36. Nervous Agitated/tenseHe was so nervous that he couldn’t eat.منفعل/عصبي
37. NoiseLoud sounds/uproarI can’t bear the noise in the room.ضوضاء/ضجيج
38. No matter whatregardlessI will do it no matter what the results areكيفما/بصرف النظرع
39. NowadaysAt present/in these timeWe can’t do without technology nowadays.في الوقت الحاضر/الراه
40. OrchestraGroup of musicians playing togetherThere are 20 musicians in the local orchestra.الاوركسترا
41. OutdoorOutside/exteriorFootball is an outdoor activityخارجي
42. PanoramicBroad/far-reachingWe had a panoramic view of the mountain.شامل الرؤية
43. PatrolGoing around checking for suspects.The patrol arrested a suspect.دورية
44. PredictionProphecy/foretelling/prognosticationThe prediction came true.تنبؤ/تكهن
45. QualityNature/condition/characterThis product is of a very poor quality.جودة
46. QuiteTo a certain extentThe film is quite good.الى حد بعيد
47. RelatedConnected/linkedPoverty is related much to unemployment.متصل/متعلق ب
48. RelaxRest/de-stressYoga helps us to relax.استرخى/استراح
49. ReliefEasement/alleviationThe relief of his pain can easily be reached.فرج/راحة/ازالة
50. SchedulePlan/program8/agendaThey have a very busy schedule.برنامج/جدول
51. SeekLook for/search for/requestHe seeks help from the police.يبحث عن/يسعى الى
52. SeemAppear/lookThe player seems so tired.يبدو/يظهر
53. Set upEstablish/foundI will set up a business company when I get the money.أسس
54. SheetLeaf/piece of paperPlease, keep the sheet blank.ورقة
55. SidePart/positionHe always stands by my side when there is a crisis.جانب/طرف
56. SimilarAlike/identicalWe live in similar conditions.مماثل/متشابه
57. SkipPass over/leave outThey have the tendency to skip difficult tasks.قفز/تخلى عن
58. SoloPiece of music played by one personSolos are not yet frequent in our culture.منفرد/وحيد
59. StrangerForeigner/unknownLots of strangers come to see this site.أجنبي/غريب
60. StressTension/pressureSport can relieve stress.ضغط/توتر
61. Subway  Underground way/path/passageHe walked through the subway.نفق/ممر أرضي
62. ThereforeSo/hence/consequentlyHe ate without washing his hands. He, therefore, fell ill.لهذا/اذن/بتاء عليه
63. Tire Exhaust/wear outThe journey tired us a lot.أتعب
64. UsefulProfitable/worthwhileThey gathered useful experience.مفيد/نافع
65. VocalistsingerHe is a famous vocalist.مغني/منشد
66. WidespreadPrevalent/predominantFootball is a widespread game.منتشر/شائع
67. WithoutWith none/in the absence ofI don’t want to go without you.بدون/بلا

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