Passive voice: practice


The main difference between the active voice and the passive voice is that the passive form is used to place focus on the object instead of the subject. That is, we consider what was done more important than who did it. For us, the person or thing affected by the doer has a priority over the doer himself. Below, there is a practice exercise in which you are required to to transform the sentences from the active form to the passive.

Active-to-passive transformation steps

  1. Identification of the direct object
  2.  Identifying the verb tense.
  3. Putting ‘’to be’’ in the same tense.
  4. Putting the verb in the past participle.
  5. Adding a by-phrase (by+subject) ,if necessary.

Change the following sentences to the passive voice

  1. They grow coffee in Kenia.
  2. They publish the Times newspaper in London.
  3. They make shoes in Fes.
  4. They transport oranges from Valencia to Germany.
  5. They are sending the parcel by sea.
  6. They are destroying the forests in Indonesia.
  7. The shark ate the man.
  8. The police took him away.
  9. They have treated him very well.
  10. They haven’t cleaned the kitchen yet.
  11. They didn’t punish him for what he did.
  12. Do they make cars in Kenia?
  13. Will the king inaugurate the new bridge?
  14. Is a doctor going to examine you?
  15. Did they catch the thief?
  16. When did they hijack the plane?
  17. How did your host family treat you?
  18. Have the police found the body?
  19. Has anyone cleaned the oven yet?
  20. Why has the government banned the film?
  21. Did you order anything?
  22. Do they allow smoking in here?
  23. Do people believe that terrorists killed him?
  24. Before they invented printing, people had to write everything by hand.
  25. They urged the government to create more jobs.
  26. They suggested banning the sale of alcohol at football matches.
  27. They are to send letters to the leaders of charitable organizations.
  28. They shouldn’t have told him.
  29. You have to see it
  30. Someone is following us.
  31. Don’t touch this watch.
  32. Someone seems to have made a terrible mistake.
  33. We added up the money and found that it was correct.
  34. People must hand in their weapons.
  35. We can build on more rooms.    
  36. They didn’t look after the children properly.
  37. The government has called out troops.           

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