A/ Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list

      renewable – eclectic – challenge – witty – frustration – humorous – vitality – e-learning

  1. According to the information on the packet, these vitamin pills will restore lost —————.
  2. Nabil is known for his  ————— behavior. Everybody laughs when he starts talking.
  3. I could sense his —————– at not being able to help.
  4. Finding a solution to this problem is a great—————— faced by scientists today.
  5. Morocco is making great efforts to develop different resources of ————– energies.

B/ Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense

  1. Where (you/go) for your next summer holidays?
  2. Peter who (wait) for an hour was very angry with his sister when she eventually turned up.
  3. We had better wait till December 14. David (finish) his exam by then. So he will be able to enjoy himself.
  4. Omar was arrested by the police because he sold drugs to youngsters. He (shouldn’t/do) that.
  5. When I got home I found my daughter (do) her homework.

C/ Match the sentences with the functions they express

1. It was very foggy and snowy. So they can’t have arrived on time. 
2. The ground is wet. It must have rained during the night.  
3. John may join his work if he recovers from his illness. 
4. Ann speaks six languages.  She is a genius at language learning. 
5. Hamid: Can I help you start your car?
Najib: Yes, thank you. 
a. offering help
b. expressing ability
c. expressing possibility
d. expressing past negative certainty  
e. expressing deduction in the

D/ Respond to the following situations as suggested

  1. Jane: Everyone who doesn’t know how to use a computer is illiterate. You: …………………………….. (express disagreement)
  2. Your friend: Asmae didn’t come to school. Perhaps she had a problem. You: ……………….. (express possibility in the past).
  3. Mourad: I am a computer addict, and I don’t know how to solve this problem. You: ……………….  (give him advice).
  4. Teacher: Global warming is a world ecological problem. You: …………………….. (ask the teacher for clarification).
  5. Your classmate: What about going to a cybercafe? You: …………………… . (decline invitation)

E/ rewrite the following sentences using the words given

  1. A lot of youngsters are not involved in politics because they think that the Moroccan system lacks democracy. (due to)
  2. Many women join illiteracy classes to learn how to read and write. (so that)
  3. We from time to time fall ill because dangerous viruses enter our bodies. (as a result).
  4. Redouane has been living in this city for five years. (since)
  5. They went to the forest. They wanted to hunt animals. (so as to)

                                                                                                               GOOD LUCK

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