A/ Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list

           sensible – frustration – justice – e-learning – compulsory – assistance – vivacity- sustainable

  1. Messy performed with great ————- in the last match.
  2. It was ———– of you when you closed the door; otherwise, thieves could have got in.
  3. Learning languages is ————– for all Moroccan students.
  4. Many NGOs give financial ————– to people who want to carry out their research in education.
  5. All human rights organizations fight for real social ————–.

B/ Put the words between brackets in the correct tense

  1. Two years ago, Melinda Burns disappeared, and no one ( to know) where she was
  2. When the leader arrived, the members of the club (already/to finish) their work.
  3. You are very rich now, and by the year 2020, you (to gather) much more money.
  4. The boss insisted on (to make) as few phone calls as possible.
  5. Paul: Would you like ( to come) with me to discuss the problem? Jessica: Yes, why not?

C/ Match the sentences with the functions they express

1. You mustn’t turn left.
2. Everybody must get a driving license before starting to drive. 
3. Parents should put pills in a safe place to avoid the risk of being by children
4. Barbara has not arrived yet. She may have missed the train
5. You needn’t call the doctor if you feel better.  
a.lack of obligation

D/ Respond to the following situations as suggested

  1. Nora wants to go shopping, but she doesn’t know where the shops are. You: …………………………… (offer help).
  2. Patient: I have worked all day, and now I feel very exhausted. Doctor: …………………………… (give advice).
  3. Redouane: Omar is a very boring person. I can’t bear him. Chakib: ……………………… (express disagreement).
  4. Teacher: You know, globalization constitutes a threat to underdeveloped countries. Jane: …………………  (ask the teacher for more clarification).

E/ rewrite the following sentences using the words given

  1. Rabiâa dropped out of school because her parents were poor. (due to)
  2. Because of smoking for more than 20 years, Mourad has caught lung cancer. (as a result)
  3. Mike is learning French, Spanish, and German because he wants to become a journalist. (so as to)
  4. Please, turn off the radio. I want to concentrate on my exercises. (would you mind )





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