How to express equality

Notes to remember about expressing equality

Expressing equality means that, when you compare two things, you show that no one of them has a value that is less or more than the other. That is, they are the same or have the same characteristics.

To express equality we use the following sentence structure :

A/ ………… as+adjective+as ………….

The examples below are formed based on the information given in the table

Jane and Mary17/20Intelligent
Omar’s and Ahmed’s house120 metersBig
My and your jacketsSize-40Large
Mercedes and BMW30 million DhsExpensive


  1. Jane is as intelligent as Mary.
  2. Omar’s house is as big as Ahmed’s.
  3. My jacket is as large as yours.
  4. Mercedes is as expensive as BMW.

B/ …………. as + noun + as …………….

Class N° 5 and class N° 630 students
The Browns family and the Dickens family5 children
Jane and her brother, James200 dollars
Catherine and Laura1 kilo of beef


  1. There are as many students in class N° 5 as in class N° 6.
  2. The Browns family has as many children as the Dickens family.
  3. Jane spends as many Dollars every week as James.
  4. Catherine eats as much food as Laura.

C/ ………….. as + adverb + as ……………..

Items Values
Leopards and tigersfast
David and Tomfluently
The blacks and the whitesequally
Frank and his sistercarefully


  1. Leopards run as fast as tigers.
  2. David speaks English as fluently as Tom.
  3. The blacks should be treated as equally as the whites.
  4. Frank drives as carefully as his sister.

D/ To express inequality, we just add “not” before the first as

Renault cars cost 20000 Dollars
BMW cars cost 40000 Dollars
Andrew is 1.60 meters
Pamella is 1.70 meters
Alain gets always gets 17/20 at maths
His brother always gets 19/20 at maths
I weigh 90 kilos.
My friend, Nadir, weighs 110 kilos


  1. Renault cars are not as expensive as BMW cars.
  2. Andrew is not as tall as Pamella.
  3. Allain is not as intelligent as his brother.
  4. I am not as obese as my friend, Nadir.


Express equality with the following sentences

  1. Robert/you (tall)
  2. Jane/Sheila (nice)
  3. Najoua /Rabiaa (old)
  4. Today/yesterday (cold)
  5. Judie/Carla (rich)
  6. The lion/the tiger (dangerous)
  7. Apples/bananas (healthy)
  8. Newspapers/magazines (important)
  9. English/French (difficult)
  10. The black shoes/brown ones (cheap)
  11. Janet / Jeniffer.(not/ beautiful)
  12. You / my sister. (not/crazy) 
  13. We/you. (not/fast) 
  14. Sandra / Sophia. (not/pretty)
  15. This song / the previous one. (not/good)
  16. My boat / your boat. (not/expensive)
  17. This book / that one. (not/bad)
  18. This hotel / that one. (not/big)
  19. Here /there. (not/quiet)
  20. Ulcer/cancer. (not/serious)

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