Celebrations: Christmas

Here are the most important vocabulary items that we find in the unit about celebrations, Gateway To English (second-year baccalaureate textbook).

  1.  Festival (n): a day or period of time in which people celebrate an event.  Example:  Christmas is an important Christian festivalمهرجان   
  2. Remote(adj): far away. Example: She lives in a remote area in the north.     بعيد/ناء            

3. Fair (n): exhibition. For example: the association will organize a large book fair in the middle of this month. معرَض

4. Goat(n): a small animal with horns that lives in mountains or is kept at home for its milk and meat.  Example: Omar always eats goat meat. معزة   

5. Mule (n): an animal that has a horse and a donkey as its parents.Example: Most people in mountain areas use mules as a means of transport.بغل   

6. Shovel(n): a hand tool used for moving sand, earth, snow …etc. Example: Shovels are now being replaced by bulldozers.مجرفة  

7. bucket (n): a round open container used for carrying water. Example: All our buckets are made of plastic, as they are cheaper than those made of metal.   سطل

8. Lonely (adj): Lacking companions. Example: The parents felt lonely when they married their last child.

9. Supplies(n): goods and services available for use.Example: Food supplies aren’t sufficient these days.أمدادات/مؤن

10. Status(n): social, legal, and professional position in relation to other people.Example: Please, your marital status in the form.وضع/حالة Roam (v): walk /travel with no particular plan or aim.Example: A lot of youths roamed the city last night  يتجول            

11. Vast(adj): huge, immense and great. Example: The festival will be organized in a vast country area.شاسع/واسع            

12. Fairground (n): An open area for holding fairs, exhibitions, or circuses.Example: This fairground is not large enough for the festival ارض يقام عليها معرض أو سوق   

13. Wander(v): Move about aimlessly or without any destination. Example: After dinner, we wandered into town.                

14. Bride(n): A woman who has recently been married. Example: Noura can’t go to the market these days. She is still a bride.   عروس 

15.  Amber(adj): brownish-yellow color.Example: An amber light illuminated the room.لون أصفر ضارب للحمرة(كهرماني)

16. Veil (n): A garment that covers the head and face. For example: women in Afghanistan wear veils.    نقاب/خمار     

17. Headdress (n): Clothing for the head.Example: Wearing headdresses was a Moroccan women’s tradition in the 1950s.  غطاء الرأس

18. Widowed (adj): Unmarried because of the death of the spouse. Example: Khadija‘s husband died in the 2nd world war. She is still widowed. أرمل

19. Sway(v): Move back and forth or sideways.Example: The plants sway because of the wind.يميل الى جانب

12. Tribe (n): Group of people related by blood or marriage.Example: Before Islam, Arab society was made mainly of tribes.   قبيلة   

21. Shrill sound (n): a high-pitched and sharp sound.Example: She emitted a shrill sound because of pain.صوت حاد

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