Adult education

Below, there is a list of the most important vocabulary items that exist in the unit about Formal Informal, And Non-Formal Education, Ticket To English (2nd year baccalaureate textbook).

1. Accomplishment: Achievement/attainment. For example: Typing was another of her accomplishments. إنجاز

2. Ashamed: Embarrassed/ Troubled by guilty feelings. For example: Ha was ashamed to admit it. خجالن/من مستح

3. Assumption: Supposition/hypothesis. For example: My assumption was that he wanted to keep the ادّعاء/افتراض .book

4. Attendance: Physical presence. For example: He requested the attendance of a doctor. الحضور

5. Audience: Viewers/spectators. For example: The audience applauded. /النظارة المشاهدون

6. Brainstorming: Generating ideas on a topic. For example: Brainstorming is an essential step in writing. الذهنية الزوبعة

7. Carry on: Continue/operate. For example: He carried on doing his task despite the bad weather. يتابع/يواصل

8. Cater for: Supply/Provide. For example: With needs. He caters for all tastes. يقدم/يزود

9. Chore: Routine job/ Unpleasant task. For example: Most women hate household chores. ممل /روتيني عمل

10. Compulsory: Obligatory/ Mandatory. For example: Sending children to school is something compulsory. إلزامي/ إجباري

11. Conference: Meeting. For example: We will organize an international conference on terrorism. مؤتمر

12. Convince Persude/Influence. For example: He convinced me that I was wrong. اقنع

13. Dropout: Students who leave school. For example: The number of dropouts has increased these days. التلميذ المنقطع عن الدراسة

14. Enrol:l Register/Sign up. For example: Lots of people have enrolled in illiteracy classes. تسجل

15. Lecture: Speech/Discourse/Talk. For example: He delivered a lecture on children’s education. محاضرة

16. Light (v): Illuminate/Set fire to. For example: Enthusiasm lights her face. يضيء/يشتع

17. Literacy: Education/Ability to read and write. For example: The government will launch a big campaign to sensitize people about the advantages of literacy. معرفة القراءة و الكتابة

18. Livelihood: Living/income. For example: One should find a way to earn his livelihood.أسباب العيش/رزق/ معيشة

19. Maid: Servant/ Cleaning lady. For example: The maid cleared the table. الخادمة

20. Manage: Administer/Direct/Handle. For example: He manages a staff of 80 people. يسوس/يدير

21. Neutral: Impartial/Unbiased. For example: Switzerland remained neutral. منحاز غير/محايد

22. Nutrition: Nourishment/Food. For example: People’s nutrition should be based on vegetables and fruits. تغذية

23. Partnership: Cooperation/Coalition. For example: Morocco signed a partnership with France. شراكة

24. Portfolio: Briefcase/file/Ministry. For example: He is a minister without a portfolio. حقيبة/ملف/وزارة

25. Predict: Prophesy/Foretell. For example: Can you predict the content of the text just from the title? يتنبأ/يتكهن

26. Workshop: Small firm/Workplace/Small group in a meeting engaged in a discussion. For example: A car repair workshop is being installed in the village. و ْر َشة

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