All-tenses table (page 3)

Note about All-Tenses Table (page 3)

In All-Tenses Table (page 3), you will learn how to form the near future (be going to+verb), future continuous/progressive, and future perfect, in addition to their uses and the signal words associated with them.

TenseFormation RuleAffirmative NegativeInterrogativeSignal words Use/Function
BE GOING TO + VERB (NEAR FUTURE)subject + am / is / are +going to+verb                                           – I am going to work/ write
– You/we/they are  going to do / work/write
– He/she/it is going to work/write   
– I am not going to work/write
– you/we/they aren’t going  to work/write
– He/she/it isn’t going to work /write    
Am I going to work/write?
– Are you/we/they going to work/write?
– Is he/she/it going to work/write?
– next….
– on+day of the week
– at+hour
– in+month/ year/season – tomorrow
– predictions with physical evidence (i.e.signs that something will happen)
– planned/premeditated actions /intentions
– immediate/ near future
– speaker’s feelings of certainty
  FUTURE CONTINUOUS/ PROGRESSIVE    subject + will be + verb-ing– I/you/we/they will be working/writing
– he/she/it will be working/writing
– I/you/we/they won’t  (= will not) be working /writing 
– He/she/it won’t be (= will not) working/ writing
Will I/you/ we/ they be working/ writing?
Will he/she/it be working/ writing?
– next….
– on+day of the week
– at+hour
-in+month/ year/season – tomorrow
Action that starts before a point of time in the future and probably continues after it (it is an ordinary /casual continuous action in the future i.e.future without intention)
FUTURE PERFECT  subject + will have + past participle– I/you/we/they will have worked/written              
– he/she/it/ will have worked/written
– I/you/we/they won’t have worked/written
– He/she/it won’t have worked/ written
Will I/you/we/ they have worked/written?
Will he/she/it have worked/ written?
– by + expression of time
– by then
Action which, at a given point of time in the future, will be in the past or will have just finished

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