All-tenses table (page 4)

Note about all-tenses table (page 4)

The “All-tenses table (page 4)” illustrates the past perfect simple, past perfect continuous, and future simple, in addition to their form, function, and signal words associated with them.

TenseFormation RuleAffirmativeNegativeInterrogativeSignal wordsUse/Function
Past Perfect Simple  subject+had+past participle– I/You/We/ They had worked /written
– He/She/It had worked/written
I/You/We/They hadn’t (=had not) worked
– He/She/It hadn’t worked/ written
Had I/you/we/ they worked/written?
Had he/she/it worked /written?
-already -just -never -when -before/afteran action that happened before another in the past and had just finished or was still continuing
– in conditional type  3
– in reported speech
Past Perfect Continuous/ Progressive    subject+had been +verb-ing-I/You/We/They had been working/writing
– He/She/It had been working/writing
-I/You/We/They hadn’t been working/writing
– He/She/it hadn’t been working/writing
Had  I/you/we/ they been working/writing?
Had he/she/it been working/ writing?
– for
– since
– how long
– the action happened before the time of speaking in the past and continued up to it or stopped just before it
– repeated action in the past
Future Simple      subject+will+verb(infinitive without ‘’to’’)– I/ You / We /They will work
– He/She/It will work
– I/You/We/ They won’t (= will not) work
– He/She/It won’t work
Will I/you/ we/they work?
– Will he/she/it work?
– next…. -on+day of the week -at+hour -in+month/ year/season -tomorrow– speaker’s intention (i.e.unpremeditated/ unintentional actions)
– making offers and promises
– in conditional type 1
– scheduled events              
– in giving news and the weather forecast
– probable future (speaker’s assumptions/ speculations about the future
– making requests /  commands

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