Thinking positively can lead
to self-development

  What is abundance mindset?

Abundance mindset is to believe that there are opportunities, options, choices, and resources that suffice everyone in this world. So you don’t need to lose anyone or hurt anyone in order to win; there is enough good for everyone. This is the psychological state where there is n room room thoughts of rivalry. If you believe that there is enough good to go around, you will not attempt to rush to take something from somebody else. In this article, we will explore how abundance mindset can positively affect your self-development.

Fighting thoughts of rivalry

   It may be difficult for you to believe that rivalry is wrong, since it has a so high value in our society. It feels like every politician or other well-paid employee thinks that only by competition gets get what you needs.

   That is the mentality of employees. They don’t know that by not taking part in competitions they will become free and independent, as their natural state ought to be.

Reset your mind for abundance

Try to get rid of the scarcity mindset and attain the abundance mindset

When you realize that rivalry is wrong and avoid trying to attain something at the expense other people , you will gradually be nearing the abundance mentality. You will begin to recognize that you are able to get everything you want without falling in the trap of unnecessary competition. This will make it sure for you that there is constantly more than enough of everything for everybody.

   What if you can’t get out of the scarcity mentality? You will have to introduce a positive thoughts in your daily life. It may sound like this one: I see abundance everywhere. That is, the world has more than enough resources for everyone.

   Likewise, you will need to train your eyes not to see what you don’t wish to achieve in your life. If you want to eliminate the thoughts of scarcity, direct your attention to the thoughts of abundance. Look with abundance at the beautiful nature, luxury cars, singing birds, wealthy and positive individuals, high buildings, and whatsoever.

   How to perceive wealth in nature

There are lots of wealth symbols to choose from. It simply depends on which symbols constitute riches to you. I may view nature and see the pure evidence of abundance in it. However, other people may perceive abundance symbols by viewing lavish clothes and new gadgets .

   When you train your eyes to focus on such symbols, you’ll trigger the creative process in you. Your way of thinking will absolutely change, as you no longer see scarcity manifestations. By always noticing wealth symbols, you will develop a desire to become abundant and achieve your goals.

   Benefits of having an abundance mindset

As now you easily focus on abundance, you will find no difficulty in generating thoughts of abundance. These thoughts will appear in your life bringing about everything you deeply thought of.

   An abundance mindset suggests to you that there are constantly new opportunities and chances . This enables you to get rid of lots of pressure you might feel if you have a scarcity mindset that makes you assume that you only got this shot right now. Or makes you feel like a perfect failure simply because you just bumbled things didn’t work out.

   An abundance mindset lets you see life from a more long-run perspective and can positively affect the process of your self-development. And it may help you better your performance and produce a lot less pressure and anxieties inside your own brain.

   If you have a scarcity mindset, you will probably take things too seriously. You may say to yourself: “The sky will fall if I fail, ”. It likely won’t, though. But you believe it will. You may become excessively nervous, and you will produce a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure since your inner, self-created negativity puts obstacles on your way to success.  

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