Big Ben is one of the historical monuments in London which is associated with learning English as a foreign language
Big Ben

   Learning a second foreign language can be frustrating at times. However, if you have the tools, doing this can be both fun and rewarding. Here are eleven strategies that will make learning English for you easy, quick, and fast. Every ambitious person must have to acquire this language in the right way. One should keep in mind that allocating time and effort, determination, and self-confidence are necessary to reach a sound language, both spoken and written.

1. Find a suitable place to study English

    Look for a safe, quiet, and peaceful place where you can study the English language properly. A place where you can avoid the inconvenience that your friends may cause. Such inconvenience may disturb you and prevent you from focusing on studying and learning English.

2. Select a suitable time to learn English

   The second thing to do is to schedule Sufficient time for yourself to study English, both reading and writing. Be persistent and persistent and do not stop. Make study time a habit like worship. Next page

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