My name is Orit.  I am twelve years old and I am a student. My favorite subjects are French, English, and physics. I like traveling, singing, and swimming. My mother is a cook. Her name is Alexandra. She always cooks pizza for us. I sometimes help her in the kitchen. My father, James, is an engineer. He works in the center of London. He drives to work. I have a little sister, Barbara. I always play tennis with her on Saturdays. She wants to become a sports teacher.  On Sundays, I go jogging with our black dog, Puppy. As you see, I am very busy on weekends. I don’t have time for schoolwork.


(Base your answers on the text)

A/ Are these sentences true or false? Justify
  1. Orit isn’t twelve years old.
  2. Orit likes French. English and geography.
  3. Alexandra is a cook.
B/ Answer these questions
  1. What activities does Orit like?
  2. What does James do?
  3. When do Orit and her sister play tennis?
C/ These sentences are false. Correct them
  1. Orit likes traveling, singing, and reading.
  2. James goes to work on foot.
D/ Complete these sentences according to the text
  1. Orit sometimes  —————–.
  2. James works ——————-.
E/ Find in the text words meaning almost the same as
  1. go by car                 
  2. Saturdays and Sundays
F/ What do the underlined words in the text refer to?
  1. Her                  
  2. She

Good luck


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