Hello! I want to tell you some things about myself and my sister, Jeannet. My name is Maria. I do many things very well: I can dance, swim and cook. I always bake cookies for my family. Everyone who eats my cookies says they are tasty. I want to be a famous chef in the future.

My sister, Jeannet, plays basketball, tennis, and computer games. She also runs very fast. She is the best player in her school basketball team. She scores about twenty points every game. In the future, she wants to be a basketball player in the NBA.


(Base your answers on the text)

A/ are these sentences true or false? Justify
  1. Maria can’t swim.
  2. Maria sometimes cooks cookies for her family.
B/ Answer these questions
  1. What does Maria want to be in the future?
  2. Why is Jeannet the best player in her basketball team?
C/ Complete these sentences according to the text
  1. Maria bakes   ——————-.
  2. Jeannet scores  —————-.
DI Find in the text words meaning almost the same as
  1. say (paragraph 1)                
  2. quickly (paragraph 2)
E/ What do these words in the text refer to?
  1. they  (paragraph 1)           
  2. She  (paragraph 2)                                                                                                

Good luck

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