Maria Clark and Mark Pain

Maria Clark and Mike Pain are journalists. Mike writes about sports in the Times newspaper. He is 32 years old and married with two sons and two daughters. He lives in an apartment in Selton. In his free time, he goes to the club and plays cards with his friends. Sometimes he drives his family to the country and visits his parents who live on a small farm there.

Maria writes about children in the Selton Sunday magazine. She is 22 years old. She has got two sisters and one brother. Her father has got a good job. He is a teacher. Maria lives with her family in an apartment. It is in front of Mike’s. When she is free, Maria plays tennis or listens to music.


(All your answers should be taken from the text)

A/ Are these sentences true or false? Justify

  1. Mike always drives his family to the country.
  2. Mike and Maria are neighbors.
  3. Maria’s father has three children

B/ Answer these questions

  1. What does Maria write about?           
  2. Why does Mike go to the country?
  3. Where do Mike’s parents live?
C/ These sentences are false. Correct them
  1. Mike lives on a small farm in the country
  2. Maria has a good job

D/ Complete these sentences according to the text

  1. When Maria doesn’t work, she—————-.
  2. Mike meets his friends at————-.

E/ Find in the text words meaning almost the same as

  1. goes by car   (paragraph 1)          
  2. having  no class   (paragraph  2

F/ What do these words in the text refer to

  1. There (paragraph 1 )
  2. it (paragraph 2 )

Good luck

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