Comprehension test: Allen

My name is Allen. I  am sixteen years old. I don’t have a large family. I live with my parents and my brother. I also have a puppy dog. Its name is King. My mom is a teacher. She works at a high school. She teaches Spanish. My dad is an engineer. He works for a big company. He can drive or ride his bike to work. I have a brother. His name is Ryan. He is ten years old. He goes to elementary school. He plays basketball and tennis. I love my family.


(All your answers should be taken from the text)

A/ Are these sentences true or false? Justify
  1. Allen isn’t 16 years old.
  2. Alen lives in a large family.
  3. Allen’s brother is a high school student
B/ Answer these questions
  1. Where does Alen’s mother work?
  2. What does Allen’s father do?
  3. How does Allen’s father go to work?
C/ These sentences are false. Correct them
  1. Allen has an old dog
  2. Ryan is Allen’s father
D/ Complete these sentences according to the text
  1. King is ————-.
  2. Alan’s mom —————-.
E/ What do these words in the text refer to?
  1. Its      
  2. He
F/ Find in the text words meaning almost the same as
  1. secondary
  2. go by car        

Good luck


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