A/ Complete the following dialogues

Pablo: Who are you?

Anna: ———————-.

Pablo: Are you a student at this school?

Anna: ———————–.

Pablo: Where do you live?

Anna: ———————–.

Pablo: Which sport do you prefer?

Anna: ————————.

Pablo: What are you?

Anna: ——————–.

Pablo: Do you speak English?

Anna: ——————–.

B/ Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronoun

Hi, …….. name is Eric. I am from Boston, USA. I am 16 years old. I have two sisters. ………. names are Rachel and Norma. They are very nice. …….. are younger than me. Rachel is eighteen and  Norma is twelve. My mother is very pretty. ……. name is Adel. …….  is very nice. My father is an engineer. ……  builds bridges. We also have a dog. Its name is Paw. It is very friendly with us.

C/ Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list

                           supermarket –  husband – friendly – waiter – talkative – tall

1.   Andrew is Nancy’s —————-.

2.   You are so —————.I never see you silent.

3.   I am a —————. I work in Napoleon restaurant.

4.   Paul: What is your new American friend like?

James: He is ————– and smart.

D/ Put the words in the right column according to the pronunciation of “th”

that – thirty- Thursday – these – month- birthday

Words in which ‘th’ is
pronounced /θ/
Words in which ‘th’ is
pronounced as /ð/


E/ Find the mistakes in these sentences and correct them

1. Our neighbor, Alex, work at the university.

2. Do your mother have a car?

3. I never work in Saturdays.

4.  Jane likes Spain food a lot.

F/ Fill in the blanks with the correct quantifier from the list

                                  some – any –  much – many –  a lot – a little a few

  1. I want some milk in my coffee. But I don’t want ———-  sugar.

2. ————- of people think he is stupid. But actually, he is very intelligent.

3. Daughter:  How ———— oranges do you need for your juice

Mother: Just three

4. Laura: How ………………. flour is there in the bag?

Alexandra: Not much. About two kilos.

G/ Put the following words in the right order to make correct sentences

  1. school – go – How – to – you – do?
  2. your –  you – do – What – take – in – breakfast?
  3. like – Smith – I’d – to –  Mr.  –  soon – very – see.
  4. jogging  – always – Sundays – She – goes – on.

                                                                                                                                                       GOOD LUCK

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