A/ Complete the following dialogues

         Marco: ————————?

         Claire: My name is Claire.

         Marco : ————————— ?

         Claire: C-l-a-i-r-e

         Marco : ————————– ?

         Claire: I am from England.

         Marco : ———————- ?

         Claire: I am British.

         Marco : ——————- ?

         Claire: I am a student.

         Marco: ————————?

         Claire: I speak English, French, and Spanish.

B/ Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronoun

         Hi! My name is Terry. I am married, and ———- wife’s name is Megan. We have got one son. ———- name is George, and ——- is two years old. I have got one sister.——– name is Brenda.——— is married and her husband’s name is Nate. They have got two children.——— names are Tracy and David. We are a very happy family. 

C/ Fill in the blanks with the correct expression from the list

                how long – how often – how much – how many

1. ————–  do you play sports?

2. ———— cars do James’ parents have?

3. ————-time does it take to go to Kenitra on foot?   

4. ————– is the film?

D/ Find the mistakes in these sentences and correct them

1. Terry is jobless in this moment

2. A lot of families in Britain have more then two cars.

3. How much are this shoes?

4. Glen and Jessica goes to the cinema on Tuesdays.

E/ Put the words in the right column according to the pronunciation of “th”

than – three – this – theatre – their – thing                   

Words in which ‘th’ is
pronounced /θ/
Words in which ‘th’ is
pronounced /ð/


F/ Put the following words in the right order to form correct sentences

  1. aunt – David’s – brother – sisters – has – two – one – and
  2. floors – Brenda’s – There – three – house – in – are
  3. in – up – always – you – get – five – morning – Do – at – the?
  4. train – does – time –What – leave – the – usually?

G/ Give the appropriate answers to complete these exchanges

1. Waiter: Are you ready to order, sir?

    You: ————————.

2. Your friend: How do you like Indian music?

You: ————————-.

H/ Fill in the blanks with the correct quantifier from the list

some – any – much – many – a few – a little – a lot of

  1. Anna doesn’t have …………….. butter in her basket.
  2. There is just ……………… in the fridge. We need to buy some.
  3. We have some apples, but we don’t have ……………….. oranges.
  4. Kids today spend …………………. hours surfing the net.

                                                                                                                                      GOOD LUCK

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