The ALL-TENSES TABLE (page 1) illustrates the form and function of the present simple, present continuous, and past simple.

Note about the All-Tenses (page 1)

The All-Tenses table (page 1) illustrates the form and function of the present simple, present continuous/progressive, and past simple.

TenseFormation RuleAffirmativeNegativeInterrogativeSignal wordsUse/Function
        Present Simple          subject+verb(s)-I/You/We/They work/ study/finish/ miss  
-He/She/It works / studies/ finishes / misses  
-I/You/We / They don’t  (=do not) work/ study/ finish/ miss  
-He/She/It doesn’ (=does not) work/ study/miss
Do I / You / we / they work / study / finish /miss ?  
Does he/she/it work/study/ miss ?
-every+time expression (day ‚week‚ month…etc)
sometimes/always/ often/ usually/ seldom /never/ rarely/ occasionally
-on+a day of the  week
-repeated actions in the present time
-general actions
-future timetables or programs
-natural facts -after verbs that can’t be put in the continuous tense (‚love‚ believe …etc)
-with conditional type 1
  Present Continuous/Progressive    Subject+am/are/is + verb-ing-I am working
-You/We/They/ are working  
-He/She/It is working  
-I am not working   -You/We/they  aren’t (=are not) working  
-He/She/It isn’t  (=is not) working
Am I working? -Are you/we/ they working?   -Is he/she/it working?-now  
-at this moment  
-something happening at the time of speaking  
-future arrangements and fixed plans
    Past Simple-Regular verbs  subject+verb-(e)d -Irregular verbs  there is no rule to apply -I/You/We/They /He/She/It liked worked/studied

-I/You/We/They/ He/ She/It went/ spoke
– I/You/We/ They/ He/ She / It didn’t (=did not) like/ work/study  

-I/You/We/ They /He/ She/ It didn’t  go/ speak
Did I/You/ We/ They/ He/ She/It like/ work/ study ?  

Did I/You/ We/They/ He/She/It go/ speak ?
………… ago.  
-in+month/ year/ season
-actions happened and  completed at a definite time in the past explicitly known from the context
– actions that happened and were completed at a time in the past implicitly known from the context
-actions that occupied a period of time in the past, but now terminated
-past habits
-with conditional type 2

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