We use too and enough to modify (give information about) nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. “Too” indicates a higher quantity or number than desirable. “Enough” indicates that there is as much or as much of something as required. An equivalent of “enough” is sufficient.

The following table shows how “too” and “enough” are used in English. In addition to form and function, it gives some illustrative examples.

Too + adjective
Too much + noun
Too many + noun
It’s too late to stop him.
You have too much money, give me some.
There are too many people on this train.
We use ‘too’ to mean more than sufficient or more
than necessary
Adjective + enough
Enough + noun
Your clothes are big enough to fit me.
I have got enough food for everyone
We use ‘enough’ to mean sufficient or necessary.

Exercises about “too” and “enough”

A/ Rewrite the following sentences using “enough”   

  1. Allan is too young to drive the car.
  2. It is too cold to swim.
  3. The weather is too cool to play golf.
  4. Gerald isn’t good to play basketball for NBA.
  5. It is too dark to see anything.
  6. We aren’t very rich. We can’t buy that boat.
  7. Jennifer isn’t very strong. She can’t carry that suitcase.
  8. This skirt is very small. Mary can’t wear it.
  9. It’s windy. We can’t sail.
  10. The hill is very high. We can’t climb it.

B/ Rewrite the following sentences using “too”

  1. The weather is hot. We can sunbathe.
  2. The sea is very agitated. We can’t swim.
  3. You are very young. You can’t go out alone at night.
  4. You are weak. You can’t lift the table.
  5. I’m very sleepy. I can’t drive.
  6. This book is expensive. We can’t buy it.
  7. He is fat. He can’t run fast.
  8. I’m very hungry. I can’t work.
  9. The soup is very salty. I can’t drink it.
  10. Timothy is very slim. He can’t lift the box.

C/ Rewrite the following sentences using “too” or “enough”

  1. Liz is very young. She can’t stay at home alone.
  2. These oranges are sweet. We can eat them.
  3. You are old. You can drive.
  4. The water is hot. I can take a shower.
  5. Pam isn’t healthy. She can’t work.
  6. Bob is very busy. He can’t go to the cinema. The apple is very sour. I can’t eat it.
  7. It’s rainy. We can’t go for a picnic.
  8. Sue is old . She can vote.
  9. The questions are very difficult. I can’t answer them.

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