A. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.

   1. Last night there (be) a football match between A.C. Milan and Arsonal on Eurosports Channel.

   2. Mourad (receive) a letter from his friend, Najib, two days ago.

   3. Paul: What is Monica doing now ?

       Henry: She (read) a newspaper.

   4. Waiter: What would you like (drink) ?

        Customer: Coffee, please.

B. Fill the blanks with the appropriate modal auxiliary.

           may – must – can – should – will – mustn’t

    1. All drivers ———- respect the driving code.

   2. Rajae: ——— I have a look at your book, please ?

        Farid: yes,of course.

    3. The baby’s temperature is 39°. We ——— take him to the hospital as soon as possible.

    4. According to the new Moroccan law, people ————– smoke in public places.

C. Find the mistakes in the following statements and correct them.

    1. Travelling by train is expensive than travelling by bus.

    2. Can you practise the guitar good than Tom ?

    3. Ifrane is cold than Fes.

    4. Casablanca is the bigger city in Morocco.

D. Fill the blanks with the appropriate word from the list.

          drought – pollution – disease – campaign – wounded 

  1. Asthma is a very serious ———— but not a contagious one.

2. The player could not finish the match because his leg was ————– .

3. The Moroccan government is organizing a ————– against illiteracy.

4. Factory and car smokes are the main cause of ————- ?

E. Put the words in the right column according to the pronunciation of their endings.

                     Looked – stayed – Invented – finished- wanted – played – started – stopped

/t/ /d/ /ıd/



                                                                                                                                            GOOD LUCK

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