Conditional type 1

Notes to remember about conditional type 1

A conditional sentence consists of two clauses: the if-clause, which contains the condition, and the main clause which contains the result. In a conditional type 1 sentence, it is important to remember that the verb in the if-clause is in the present simple, and the verb in the main clause in the future simple. If you reverse the tenses in the two clauses the meaning will be distorted

Form Use/Function
If+present simple (If-clause)+ future simple (main clause)
Conditional type 1 is used to talk about possibilities in the
present or future time; i.e. actions that are likely to take
place in the present or future.


  1. If I have the money, I will buy this car.
  2. Peter will be sad if Susan leaves
  3. If you cook dinner, I’ll wash the dishes.


  1. If the “if” clause comes first, a comma is usually used. If the “if” clause comes second, there is no need for a comma. For example, if it is sunny, we will go to the park. = We will go to the park If it is sunny.
  2. In most conditional sentences,’’ when’’ means the same thing as ‘’if’’. For example, if/when it is sunny, we will go to the park.


Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense

  1. If I (have) enough money, I (lend) you.
  2. If you (study) hard, you (pass) the test.
  3. If it is sunny, we (go) to the park.
  4. Paula (be) sad if Juan (leave).
  5. If you (cook) the supper, I (wash) the dishes.
  6. If I (to win) the lottery, I (to go) to Paris.
  7. If Clare (arrive) late again, the hockey trainer will be furious.
  8. You’ll be sorry if you (not/revise) for your exams.
  9. We (go) on a picnic if the weather’s good.
  10. They (recognize) you if you wear dark glasses.
  11. If the bus (come) on time, I won’t miss the football match.
  12. If you (do) your homework now, you (be) free all tomorrow.
  13. We (eat) out if there’s no food at home.
  14. You will find life much easier if you (smile) more often.
  15. If it is hot, we (go) for a swim.
  16. You will do it better if you (take) more time over it.
  17. If she (keep) practicing, she will get better.
  18. I (be) so happy if I pass the exam.
  19. You will be really tired tomorrow if you  (not/go) to bed soon.
  20. If someone (lend) you a bike, you can come with us.

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