Blair's heart attack

Tony Blair was rushed to hospital yesterday with a heart problem. He complained of feeling a “little bit under the weather” at his Chequers country residence and was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Fortunately, Blair’s heart attack was described as not very serious.

There they advised him to go to Hammersmith Hospital in West London. They admitted him as an emergency, and doctors spent five hours doing tests on the 50-year-old Prime Minister. He had a cardio conversion – electroshock therapy or an injection of chemicals to stabilize his heart.

His wife Cherie was with him throughout the treatment. Mr. Blair was eventually diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. He was back home at Downing Street last night. A spokesman at No 10 said: “He has suffered no damage and he is fine. “There is no reason why this should reoccur.” “They have advised him to rest for 24 hours.”

He added: “This morning the Prime Minister was feeling under the weather and went to Stoke Mandeville hospital where they advised him to go to the Hammersmith.

“There it was established he had an irregular heartbeat and a cardio-version was administered to regulate it.” “This was completely successful. He was in the hospital for four to five hours and is now back at Number 10, Downing Street. The hospital says this is a relatively common condition and is easily treated.”


(Base all your answers on the text)

A/ Are the following sentences true or false? Justify
  1. Blair’s wife went with him to the hospital.
  2. Blair suffered from a serious problem.
  3. Doctors advised Blair to go to work immediately.
B/ Answer the following questions
  1. What was Blair’s health problem when the doctors checked him at the hospital?
  2. Where did he go when he left the hospital?
  3. How long did he stay in the hospital?
C/ These sentences are false. Correct them
  1. After treatment, Blair was taken to his Chequers country residence.
  2. The hospital says that Blair’s irregular heartbeat was a serious condition.
D/ Complete these sentences according to the text
  1. Doctors at Hammersmith Hospital ……………………
  2. Blair’s problem was a …………………….
E/ What do these words refer to in the text?
  1. There   (paragraph 2)
  2. He       (paragraph 4)
F/ Find in the text words meaning almost the same as
  1. taken quickly  (paragraph 1)
  2. happen again  (paragraph 3)

                                                                        Good luck

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