What are adjectives?

  • Adjectives are words that modify nouns or pronouns. That is, they give us specific information about these nouns/pronouns. This information can be related to appearance, size, color, behavior, etc.
  • Adjectives don’t have a plural form; i.e., they never take the plural “s”.


  1. Tom is an excellent student.
  2. Tom and his brother are excellent students.

Uses of adjectives

  • Subject+verb+adjective+noun

When an adjective describes a noun, it is placed after the verb.


  1. Peter and his parents live in a nice villa
  2. Paula speaks good English.
  • Subject+to be+adjective

When an adjective describes the subject, it is placed after “to be”.


  1. This exercise is difficult
  2. Rolls Royce cars are expensive.

Take a look at the table below, as it shows more adjectives uses.


Use the words below to form correct sentences. Pay attention to adjective placements.

  1. neighbor-My-rich-is.
  2. brides-young-The-are.
  3. Is-Peter-intelligent
  4. woman-oldstrong-very-is-The.
  5. good-He-now-is.
  6. are-fishermen-great-They.
  7. is-Shakespear-English-playwright-an.
  8. son-rude-His-was-him-to.
  9. a-Jane-player-is-tennis.famous.
  10. couldn’t-She-bear-pain-severe-the.


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